Does a paddock cleaner save money?

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“Horses are so cheap to keep!” Said no horse owner ever. So it’s quite understandable if expense is one of your main considerations when it comes to anything with your horses.

In your horse/s’ day-to-day care, it’s easy to see something like a paddock cleaner as just an extra cost. But the right type of paddock cleaner can turn out to be much more like an investment than an expense.

Tow behind manure collectors like the Paddock Blade are often an invaluable asset for the cost-savvy horse owner. They save time, reduce feed bills, and prove far cheaper to run than other paddock cleaners on the market. Here’s why:

Lower your feed bills

Unless it’s composted, manure is not good for pastures. Horses won’t eat grass soiled by manure, which means they leave patches of long grass dotted around your paddock while they eat the rest of it bare. You end up with what’s called a ‘horse sick’ paddock, which needs to be rested until the short grass grows back again.

A tow behind manure collector is an efficient way to keep your paddocks clean and healthy, so that they provide more nutrients for longer and you can spend less on your hand feeding.

Keep your horses safe and healthy

Of course, we always want our horses to be healthy and sound, but reducing our vet bills is also easier on the wallet. The first step to keeping your horses safe is maintaining a paddock that’s free from parasites and potential hazards.

Collecting horse manure with a Paddock Blade is one of the most effective ways to keep parasites out of your paddock.

At the same time, it’s important to keep your paddock free from rocks and other debris to reduce the chance of your horses getting injured, and the Paddock Blade collects these in the same way it collects manure.

Free up time

What would it be like if you had a couple of extra hours to ride every week? The Paddock Blade collects horse manure in 30% of the time it takes to do it by hand. So if you’re spending several hours a week cleaning paddocks, a paddock cleaner isn’t just an investment in money, it’s a fairly big investment in time as well.

No maintenance costs

Paddock cleaners might be an investment, but for many of them, your outlay goes well beyond the initial purchase. Maintaining moving parts and the cost of fuel and oil means you won’t see the end of your paddock cleaning expenses. Luckily a tow behind manure collector like the Paddock Blade is virtually maintenance free, so you can keep using it year-in, year-out, only worrying about the fuel for your towing vehicle.

If you want to save on feed bills and vet bills, a paddock cleaner will help you maintain your paddock without sucking hours out of your week. But if you want to do it cost-effectively, the Paddock Blade is one of safest ways to get the most out of your pasture and your horse’s health.