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What is a Paddock Blade

Paddock Blade is a new piece of agricultural machinery that is taking the equestrian, alpaca and agricultural world by storm. Designed to save you time, effort and money. It's a tried and tested product which is both a registered trademark in the UK and Australia. With many happy customers all over the world saving themselves hours of back breaking work every week.

Simply put Paddock Blade is the fastest, easiest and most efficient way to clear your paddock. Completely hassle free and fun to use.

How Does Paddock Blade Work

Simply hitch it to your ATV, 4X4 or car and then drag it along your paddock. It will adapt to any angle which it is pulled in and any ground level or surface. It also works well in long grass or unkempt paddocks.Once it's full simply park it next to your dung pile and unload, It takes less than a minute from full to empty.

Is It Safe

We have spent hundreds of hours testing and developing the Paddock Blade with a vast amount of animal manure on a vast variety of surfaces. It is engineered to be perfectly safe and to prevent RSI and related mucking out injuries.

What Are The Benefits

The benefits are simple. It saves you time, money and effort. Reducing the time you have to spend mucking out by a third. Your horse will be happier and healthier as it will have a cleaner environment. Also it's a fun machine to use and work with.

Who are Paddock Blades For

Just about anyone in the Agricultural world. Primarily for use with horses and ponies but we have had many customers use them for their Alpacas, Sheep, Cattle, and Goats. 

Aside from animal manure use some people just use them to clear up organic debris and rubbish from their paddocks espescially after a large event. They can also be used to pick up golf balls, flatten mole hills and even pick up fruit. Or just as a transporter for water or hay the possibilities are endless. Whatever you use it for it's fast efficient and completely maintenance free.

Where Can I buy One

Email or call us directly or on Facebook to purchase. You will soon be able to buy direct from the store section of our website. It's fast simple and easy and you can pay via paypal or credit card. Delivery is calculated based on your distance from us in Worcester. All deliveries are sent by our approved shipping partner and are fully trackable.


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