Customers and reviewers love the paddock blade. Better than the old wheelbarrow and rake. Simpler and cheaper than other mechanical paddock poop scoopers.

Paddock Blade Reviews

Independent reviews from reputable equestrian bloggers, magazines and clubs.

Wonderful! This useful piece of equipment has made it so much easier for our RDA center! Easy to use sturdy and strong anyone of our volunteers can use it. Thank you Paddock Blade Australia for supporting Riding Develops Ability. Our paddocks have never looked better and our nine ponies are happy. 



Thank you to Paddock Blade Australia your amazing donation has made cleaning up and tending to both the horses and their environment so much easier. The boys all argue (sorry discuss) who will use it but so far our equine manager Pete Riches wins every time. Thank you!



Paddock Blade Australia is changing the game for paddock maintenance. Established in the United Kingdom and on the market since 2016 and launched in Australia with great success in October 2017, Paddock Blade is a staple for all horse owners.



The Paddock Blade is maintenance free and can be hooked up behind an ATV, tractor, ute or even a car, picking up everything from horse manure, sheep droppings and camel dung to loose chippings, stones, fruit and rubbish.

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Paddock Blade is the quick and easy way to pick up manure and rocks from your paddocks. Just tow behind your Quad Bike, or Car.

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Customer Testimonials

Here is what some of our happy customers have to say about the Paddock Blade

Karen Lake
South MacLean, QLD

Very happy. Quality made, and a good design. I anticipate my paddocks being their cleanest in years!!

Melina Feiss
Sheffield, TAS

We love our paddock blade, we cleared our 4 acres in no time. And our 12 year old was excited about poo pick up because she got to do it on the 4 wheeler. Definitely recommend it to anyone.

Karen Reece
Norlane, VIC

Used about a week ago picked up lots and looks a lot cleaner was almost full trailer load thanks.

Heather Gibson Lee
Tennengower, VIC

We brought the paddock blade to see if it would help clear our paddocks of manure and rocks and am happy to say it is doing an amazing job of both !!! It has saved us thousands of dollars by not having to have our paddocks professionally cleared.

Amber Howie
Littlehampton, SA

Super impressed with this products, Very effective and easy to use, Worked great on flat and hilly paddocks as well as high grass. Saves me hours.

Lisa Agius- Gilibert
Schofields, NSW

Excellent customer service and communication., and the product performs exactly as described. Very Happy!

Andrew R
Yarra Valley, VIC

What a brilliant product! Saving me hours in labor, picking it all up. I’ve cleaned up cow horse and sheep poo. Really easy to set up, tow and dispose of. Thanks so much.

Kelly Mortison
Wacol, QLD

Wounded Heroes Australia loves the Paddock Blade, Cleaning up after the horses has never been easier. Thank you to all the team!

Ann Berrett
Toongabbie, VIC
Used the new paddock blade this morning for the first time. Wow! 3 small paddock cleaned up in no time at all and so easy to use. Saved me heaps of time and effort.
Courtney Cusack
Chifley, NSW

We love our Paddock Blade, Removes the manual process and reduces the usual time spent picking poo! We love our so much we have just ordered another! Highly recommend. Fabulous customer service.

Alan Torcello
Geelong, VIC

Just got our Paddock Blade, Very efficient behind our UTV our paddocks are looking mint. Great investment my back thanks you!

Meg Williams
Geelong, VIC

I was unsure the Paddock Blade would work on our property with patches of straw like grass and rocks but I’m happy to say I was wrong! First use today and managed to clean around 10 acres easily! It not only picked up poo, but small rocks and sticks.

The staff are also amazing to deal with, fast to respond on email/text or phone and happy to answer any queries.

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